abijah (abijahyosef) wrote in chialpha,

requesting prayer from prayer warriors for America for we are at danger

Iran: We can attack up to 2,000 km

Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards visits Iranian missile unit, promises soldiers, 'we are ready to deal with any possible attack'
Only two weeks ago, the Revolutionary Guards held a large-scale exercise called "The Great Prophet 2" during which Shihab-3 land-to-land missiles were launched. Shihab 3 missiles have a range of 2,000 km and can reach Israel.

I found this in the worthy news web site @ www.worthynews.com and i seriously dont know what to think about it. maybe its just a bluff or diversion, maybe they're forreal. With the previous threats in the news about how they were planning genecide on all Israelites and then Americans i do think that both the opposing governments should start working out a game plan on how to fight back incase we are attacked. I have faith that the God we serve will not allow them to wipe out the whole nation of Israel because they are still his people even if they have been altered from the persons in the Bible. I understand that since American has stood by Israel it has secured itself as blessed before the Lord but im not so sure that the Lord will stand for them much longer if they continue on the path they wish to play with. I only hope they stay with Israel and have themselves alittle favor with the Lord. O' Mi Lord we are so in trouble. Please pray Saints.
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