SiLeNcE is Golden... DuCt TaPe is Silver (bloodshed_forme) wrote in chialpha,
SiLeNcE is Golden... DuCt TaPe is Silver

Scars of society

I think that today many people don't realize the scars of society. Everyday you work, sit, walk-by, and talk to, the people that carry the scars of society. In this I mean the people in which society has taken advantage of, drowned in Meds and sells a false love, well-being, and comfort. We need toshow them that God's plan is for every one being all the world's needs. I live with a generation that is being frowned upon, hurt, and put down by society. Why should we simply sit and watch the world tear us down when we can can take the action and show the scars of society that we can help and that we care. also there are thos who show off their scars that society has given them. These are the people who wear the shame and the pain with a pride, yet the hurting on the inside is not seen until they are alone. Yet they do not realize that it isa cry for help to find the truth in the life not known to them. I see the tears of their scars because I myself bare my own scars... but not for pride or the lack thereof... I show mine because they are a witness of where i have been and where GOd has brought me from... They are not just physical but they are emotional, and mental scars that God has healed. People can't say that i haven't had the trouble, of the tears, anger, and pride... I have had it all and i am still paying for that trouble that i brought myself. Don't be afraid of your scars and wounds but don't sit and pick at them or they won't heal GOd will apply the healing balm of Gilead. I have had to go through some tough times but God has pulled me out every time. In my experiance in the ministry God has allowed me to learn from the hardships and scars that i bare to the rest of the world...
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